Some of the projects I have built.

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 Flexible antenna system built for my IC-703

Can be used as a vertical on a fibre-glass pole, as a horizontal
dipole supported by two fibreglass poles, or as a wire antenna
strung from a tree, building or other suitable support, or on a
back pack for pedestrian mobile.


Tuneable Counterpoise

Originally built for use with my FT-817 and an ATX Walkabout,
but have used it with both the IC-703 and the FT-817 with wire
antennas, verticals, in the back pack. Helps get a good match
in difficult situations. The counterpoise is found on the last
page of the 2-Tuner project


The original idea was to be able to use my 703 antenna
on the 817 but was expanded to be more versatile.
It will tune a 25' wire fed though a toroidal transformer
from 160m to 6m.



I found the original 2-Tuner so useful that I built a slightly bigger
version for fixed station operation. It has a built in 4:1 balun for
wire antenna connection.



Both the antenna tuners use series tuned circuits, which
may be impractical for high power, but have proven to work
very well for QRP, adding a lot of options for boty portable
and fixed station use


Handy QRP Short Wire Antenna

A simple transformer and a piece of wire may be all you need.


LDG Z100 to Icom IC-706 OTT Inteface

Timed Battery Charger




Recent photos 2012

VK5JST Antenna Analyser

FA-VA3 Antenna Analyser

VK5JST Antenna Analyser Modified